Dear visitor,

Once you discover firsthand the extraordinary transformation one may experience from yoga practices , you may , like me,  find yourself wanting to share what you have discovered with anyone and everyone. The word Yoga literally means ” Union” another way to look at the word, may be to think of words of similar meaning, such as inclusive, freedom, whole, and complete.

Fortunately, Yoga doesn’t mean pretzel, so flexibility isn’t a pre-requisite. Yoga describes both the end result and process to re-discovering that you are not a separate being living a separate existence, but that you are an eternal being interconnected with all that is and all that will ever be.

The journey from finite to infinite, from origin to ultimate is the destiny for us all. It is no accident that you have found this page, and that is why I wish to invite you to join me for a consultation, one that will begin your journey to the divine. Not a day goes by that I don’t find ecstatic tears of joy in my eyes. This miracles feeling is your birthright , and it is my wish that we should have the good fortune to make your life filled with the same ecstasy, and wonder that so many are experiencing right now.