When I first started to practice Yoga, I was taught that how we moved our bodies was a reflection of how we saw ourselves as people. I discovered for myself, through my experiences on my mat, that through movement you could literally change how you experience the world. I would like to lead you to the door step of that experience. I can show the way, but you have to do the work.

In the West we seemingly disregard the mind/body connection when accessing exercise. However, with advances in modern western medicine and the timeless teachings of the ancient Yogis,we begin to discover that not only are our minds and bodies connected, but we can take control of our life experience  through conscious movement.

Any movement is better then no movement at all, but join me in a journey on how moving your body back to a state of balance will reshape your heart and mind to a level of beauty you can’t yet imagine.


Namaste, Mathew