My yoga journey has been on and off over the years. I always gained something from my teachers, and I’m grateful for their instruction. Once I found my way to Mathew’s studio, however, I realized there is far more to yoga than I ever imagined–and I’ve only taken the very first baby steps on this path.

To be honest, it is probably not the journey most people think it’s going to be. It’s not really about being able to do amazing asanas or having a stronger body, although many who practice do achieve these things. It’s a lifelong journey to the self, becoming increasingly awake/aware in mind, body and spirit.

Mathew serves as facilitator to this process. You do the work. Therein lies Mathew’s brilliance as an instructor. What he offers is so powerful that he could easily set himself up as your savior (which people are always looking for in one form or another). But the teaching is coming through him, not from him. The only person who’s going to save you is yourself.

It must take an amazing amount of restraint for Mathew to be aware of the immense riches in store for those who begin this practice because I know part of him wants to shout it from the rooftops: your potential is infinite, if you can only begin! Everybody is not necessarily ready to hear that message right here, right now. But if you think it might be for you, come to the mat and let Mathew help you find out.

 Carol Spaulding-Kruse, Drake University professor Des Moines Iowa

Starting my Yoga Practice with Mathew has felt like a natural progression on my yoga journey. Mathew’s thoughtful and mindful guided self-practice is carefully prepared based on each student’s strengths and needs. His practice is unlike anything you’ll experience in other studios. Mathew takes the time to explain to each student, in detail, why you are going through a particular series of movement and where it will be taking you. What I love about Mathew’s approach is that he makes you feel like you are the only student in the room, although he is moving through the studio giving the same attention to each student there. Mathew truly has a gift that I am grateful to be able to receive and I highly encourage those who are ready to deepen their practice or are simply seeking a teacher to start their journey with one who is compassionate, truthful and extremely knowledgeable to enter Mathew Koder Yoga – you will not regret one minute of it.

Janet Taylor, Yoga Teacher RYT 200 Des Moines Iowa 

Mathew Koder is one of the finest instructors that I have had the opportunity to work with. My practice with him taught me a lot about yoga and about myself.
Mathew taught me a self-practice that was tailored to my individual needs and physical ability. My skill level improved under his instruction and I learned so much.
Although I am not a current member of this studio I appreciate the time I spent there. The atmosphere is great and the people are amazing. I’d check it out if I were you.

Joshua Peralta, Des Moines Iowa

Practicing under Mathew’s guidance is truly like no other yoga practice. He is very knowledgeable about yoga and has an experienced practice, so he is well qualified to teach yoga (not like most yoga teachers). If you’re looking to better yourself not only physically, but mentally and spiritually, then this is the place to practice. This place is magical because you always leave feeling better than before you came. The self-guided practice is carefully crafted to your physical needs, so you’re never asked to be put into a pose that your body cannot handle. This practice will push you in so many challenging ways, but only to transform you into a better person. Come and experience this for yourself!

Jessica Le, Des Moines Iowa

Prior to Mathew’s class my yoga experience were group led classes where 20 people with different skill levels and physical capabilities were trying to do the same pose/asana. Mathew has a great understanding of the human body, how it works and choreographs a practice for YOU based on your body, skill, strengths, weaknesses and goals. Currently my practice is designed to rehabilitate some bulging discs in my low back (my problem child). I have scoliosis and two bulging discus in my low back; the doctor prescribed epidural injections for the pain and recommended a spinal fusion to fix it. It’s been three months since starting this practice with Mathew and I haven’t had the need for an injection. He asks daily how my back is, where it hurts and makes adjustments to my routine to accommodate any pain I am having while still making sure my practice is still focused on straightening my spine. He encourages you to go beyond where you think your body and mind can go, guides you there and when you make it, is as happy as you are. He thoroughly enjoys teaching his students and watching them grow.

 Carrie Harms , Des Moines Iowa 

When I started working with Mathew I had a a superficial view of what yoga was -that it was some mass produced workout that I had typically encountered in other studios I had went to in the past but his practice is vastly different. He works one on one with students tailoring movements to their specific needs. He also works with you on the emotional journey that you encounter as you build on more challenging moves. Highly recommended for beginners up through advanced practices!

Rachel Gross, Austin Texas

You won’t find cookie cutter classes, teachers who have been indoctrinated to the standard workout-centric yoga, or pump-it music in Mathew’s classes. Easily one of the most highly trained and educated teachers in the Des Moines area, Mathew brings a soul-centered approach to his teaching that is both refreshing and challenging. If you’re ready to deepen your practice and go within, this is where you start.

Sara Stibitz , Yoga Teacher Denver Colorado

Mathew, as a person, a yogi, and a community member, is a joy to know and to work with. Mathew exemplifies perseverance, focusing on the good in himself and others, and compassionate encouragement and motivation. Anyone, at any level, would be well-served in seeking out his guidance along one’s yogic path!

Linda Garcia, RYT 500 Des Moines Iowa 

Mathew came highly rated to me by friends who are clients. Not only is Mathew brilliantly trained he is intuitive and highly sensitive to his client’s needs as well as abilities, either experienced or new to yoga. His studio is excellent in downtown Des Moines.

Scott McDonald, Des Moines IA 

Practicing with Mathew has been a catalyst for my personal growth allowing me to deepen and refine my asana practice. Mathew Koder Yoga is traditional, mindful, and spiritual yoga without being dogmatic or rigid.

Kara Sinnard, Yoga Teacher E-RYT 200 Des Moines IA

I was blessed to discover Mathew while visiting Des Moines for a work assignment. If you are looking to take your yoga to a deeper level, do not miss the chance to practice under his direction.

Scott Kilpatrick, Yoga Teacher RYT 500 Houston Texas

The most transformative yoga in town…give it a try.

Alexis Baker, Des Moines IA

Mathew has an incredible ability to understand, honor, and respect each of his students for who they are. Each time you walk into his studio, he meets you where you are in that moment and provides guidance unique to your needs that day. He is one of those unique teachers who can understand each of his student’s needs and teach them what they need instead of teaching everyone the same thing in the same way. I’m constantly amazed at his ability to know how to motivate me and in his next breath turn to another student and give them what they need. Working with Mathew has allowed me to open in ways I didn’t know were possible for me both physically and emotionally. Transformation is possible. I see it and feel it every day and I am so grateful to be part of the community he has fostered.

Monica Keefe, Yoga Teacher RYT 200
“Mathew has dedicated his life to yoga. His own journey includes dedication, skill, and continual education. With enthusiasm, openness, and compassion, he teaches his yoga students to grow in their own healthful lifestyle. Mathew’s practice demonstrates his mastery of yoga poses, but I believe that it is the deeper challenges and benefits of yoga that ignite Mathew’s passion. At a workshop Mathew taught at my studio, students found his life story inspiring and are looking forward to his return. I am also looking forward to practicing, learning, and laughing with him, hopefully soon.”
Mary C. Miller RYT Owner Everybody’s Yoga Quincy, IL
“I would encourage anyone to try yoga with Mat, it will help open your mind and body.”
Kurt Van Veldhuizen, Chiropractic Sports Physician
“Highly skilled, intuituve, and a dedicated to his students. Mat Koder is a natural teacher.”
Linda Hansen, Principle of Education
“Mathew Koder is an enthusiastic Yogi who is devoted to his students as well as his practice.”
Betsy Guzman, Physical Therapist
“Mathew Koder’s Yoga teaching is unlike any I have ever experienced. After only one session I left feeling energized, awake, focused, and happier! Mathew’s teaching is literally life changing.
Gabrielle Hofland
“Mathew is an inspirational and charismatic leader who displays extreme devotion to his students and his practice.  His knowledge, passion, and dedication allow each of his students to enhance and personalize their yoga experience. ”
Amy McAllister Director of Programming Altoona Campus
“My husband and I are beginning beginners, but Mathew treated us like star pupils.
Kathleen and Bill Gannon
“Mathew teaches with passion combined with a wealth of knowledge that has really inspired me to pursue Yoga.
Jill Kruger
“Mathew is a patient and caring teacher. His passion for this age old practice is contagious, and extremely motivating. His knowledge of Yoga and the human body is remarkable!
Laurie Jauregui
“His skill as a teacher and command of Yoga principles makes it easy for students to improve.
Steve Hanson
“I am eager to keep growing in my Yoga practice, and am so grateful for Mat’s compassionate, knowledgable guidance to help me improve.
Mary Hanson
“Mathew walks the talk in Yoga. His enthusiasm, and caring for one’s personal success is crystal clear the minute you meet him!
Tom Paton
“Mathew has a fantastic attitude, a joyful spirit, a strong dedication to the practice and truly adds a dynamic to the room that immediately draws you to him.
John Cornish
“If you are a person who thinks yoga is just a stretch class, visit Mat and see how his classes can clear your mind.
Matt Sillanpaa, Director of Adult Fitness Altoona Campus