Meet Mathew

Best known for his ability to inspire and dramatically impact the lives of the individuals with his infectious positive energy and extraordinary teaching abilities.

Mathew offers practitioners a chance to experience Yoga in a beautifully unique way, living and teaching out of downtown Des Moines, Iowa. Mathew was named awarded Best Yoga Teacher 2013,2014,2015,2016, and 2017 by City View Magazine

As a Des Moines native, Mathew Koder brings his affinity for teaching and his extensive knowledge of the path of yoga to his community. With countless hours of formal training , personal practice, and thousands of hours teaching, Mathew offers a learning environment that provides any student, from beginner to advanced, with a strong foundation for personal transformation through the practice of yoga.

Mathew takes compassionate teaching to a new level. With his self-guided, ashtanga-inspired practice, he gives his students the tools for personal transformation and then steps back, allowing them the space to grow in a supportive environment. At once challenging and nurturing, his teaching style embodies the lessons he learned growing up: that you are your own teacher, and we all just need someone to guide us along the way.

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