Get Started – Yoga


I accept a limited number of students for my Private Guided Self- Practice. I do have a waiting list, once a space opens up myself or my team will contact everyone on the waiting list before accepting new students from the public.

Class Times: 5:30am to 7:30am Monday Through Friday

One of the most common misconceptions about yoga today, is that you must be flexible to practice or that yoga practice is only about twisting yourself into a pretzel. Fortunately for myself and I’am sure many of you the ability to touch your toes or do a handstand is not a prerequisite for practicing yoga. There are many practices, most of which of which look nothing like the muscle driven, sweaty , and literally twisted images we are so commonly sold.

The physical benefits from a proper yoga practice are to vast to count, and should not be overlooked. However, the real wealth to be acquired from the practices is much greater than any physical one we may achieve. Using this ancient science together we will teach you how to manage your body, breath, emotion, thought and energy in such a way that your life experience switches from the pursuit of happiness to the expression of your joy, and that is only just the foundation of what will do!

The value a proper practice will add to your life is priceless, and it is my wish that you come to know firsthand what I am talking about.

All that is required of you  is effort and a  absolute willingness within you to strive for a better experience of life. The journey will not come without its challenges and obstacles, but that is where I come in. A fellow traveler on the path to Yoga , I will be there to guide you through the unfamiliar woods.

I look forward to possibly passing on the practices with you in the future!

Guided Self- Practice ( Mysore Style Practice)

In a Guided Self- Practice setting, each student practices individually and not in unison with a group like the common group-lead style many Americans are familiar with . The student is a given a sequence postures (movement algorithm ) and practices that I have designed to re-introduce the foundational state of balance back into ones total system, in the least amount of time possible with the maximum results and maximum safety.

From Yamas and Niyamas all the way to Samadhis. In the world of yoga that number of postures, transitions, and other esoteric practices are infinite. In addition, the way in which they can be organized is also infinite.  This can easily leave anyone feeling overwhelmed, and  I always find it unfortunate when someone practices for years without seeing any results. That is why helping you progress in your body , breath, heart , and mind, isn’t enough.I want to educate you on how and why these things work. So that you can take your practice with you anywhere and duplicate the results. The Guided Self – Practice setting allows for us to have both an educational and experiential environment. 

These practices are tailored specifically for each student and addresses their physical, emotional, and mental needs. Students practice first thing in the morning Monday through Friday. Because each student has a tailored practice there is not a hard start time with my classes. Instead there is a window of time in which each student may arrive to practice. Some students have a practice that lasts only 30 minutes while others may practice for a full 2 hours. An added benefit to this format is you don’t have to worry or rush if you happen to run late one day. Students come and go throughout class, so if your a few minutes behind your usual schedule you can still practice for the day. With each student at a different stage in their development this is truly the most effective way to practice. Since you will be a room filled with fellow practitioners what you will find is that each practice session is a way to go deep within and yet maintain a sense of community with your fellow yogis.  As each individual student progresses,  I provide further instruction, guidance, and assistance.


 Private Lessons: No matter where you are in your practice private lessons offer priceless benefits. Private lessons can be geared toward whatever need or skill set you are looking to deepen. Perhaps you have been practicing for some time and are looking for experienced hands to assist and adjust you while you move undisturbed through your practice. All though you may be further along in your practice, you might find it beneficial to spend some time working on particular poses, or learning about the theory and history of yoga in a one-on-one session. Maybe you are completely new to yoga and you are in town visiting for the day or week. A private lesson is a great way to spend the afternoon in a new city. You will learn something new and take home a priceless memory and lesson that will last a lifetime! 


Corporate yoga: 

With corporations looking for ways to reduce health care cost, improve office moral, increase productivity, and increase employee happiness. Corporate classes are perfect for helping to introduce a little less stress and lots more joy back into your team!

Workshops and Immersions: 

Whatever your studio is looking for I am here to help. I love sharing what I have learned. My approach to workshops and Immersions is to build something specific to each school, studio, gym, etc.